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Visitor Management


Spectra’s automated Visitor Management System is meticulously professional, gives reliable security and is complaint with the visitor data collection and auditing. An easy-to-use system to monitor, capture, record and recover visitor information. Ability to manage a huge turn-over of visitor data at a time with pre-registration of planned visitors by employees. It eliminates scope of human error(s), confirming upbeat performance with unbeatable security, in the long run.

Hassle-free visitor authentication to gather visitor data such as fingerprint, photo, assets and other vital details. The system builds a well-sorted data-bank of vital information ready for future processing, easily accessible to concerned department(s). Whether a single entry or in bulk, it generates app synchronized data to allow limited access.

An effective verification system for visitors helps companies exercise better control over visitor movement in their premises. The system is easy to troubleshoot, it adheres to standards and effectively handles error(s). Designed for new-age businesses with a need to support a multitude of visitor data and their access rights.

Key Features

Self pre-registration of planned visitors by employees

Capture visitor information including fingerprint, photo, assets being carried inside etc.

SMS/email alerts to visitor/host against registration, arrival, cancellation

Hosts also can get alert from desktop notifier

User definable alert email/SMS templates

User definable multiple visitor badge formats

Different badge color for different category of visitors

Conference/meeting room management with calendar view

Visitor movement control

Sync with physical access control app to allow limited access

Barcode support for express checkout

Blacklist visitor/company

Visitor verification with SMS OTP

Visitor group registration

Complete history and past records, visitor / company wise

Optional visitor app on kiosk with integrated devices for self service

Touch screen Kiosk for VMS