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TwinXs 2C

TwinXs 2C


Krishtek’s TwinXs 2C is a highly accurate two door access controller suitable for every business vertical. Its super powerful design and simple mechanism makes it a favorite among clients. It is easy to install, use and maintain. Its ability to simultaneously control and monitor two doors, allows it to be a cost efficient alternative for our customers. It is a must-have for areas such as server rooms and research labs, to name just a few.

It supports anti pass back. Simply put, it allows entry to a particular door only when the person has exit through the same door. Leveraging on smart technology, the system helps to create a group, such that, access to a door within the group is permitted if only, all other doors are close. Its secure, user friendly and easy to embed network interface makes it a highly desirable solution in door access control technology.

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