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Door Interlocking


Spectra’s Door Interlocking System controls and monitors door status such as lock, open, according to set system logic. Electromagnetic locks are used to keep doors locked. A smart Door Interlock System releases the door only if other doors in the change room are in locked condition, simultaneous opening of the doors of the change room are not allowed to prevent the influx of air from outside or less clean area.

Our intelligent Door Interlock System is one which on request, allows opening of one door at a time in the Airlock/ respective change room. This system prevents simultaneous door opening of any other door in the airlock/change room. This system is designed to minimize microbiological and particulate contamination and helps in maintenance of airflow and pressurization in the airlock/change room.

A fully programmable system can be set up for 2, 4 and 8 doors. It lets users to program interlocking groups through USB communication.

Key Features

Micro-controller based Multi-door controllers

2-4-8 door controller options to fit requirement

Panels can be used in connection with each other to set up to 24 doors interlocking

Seamless integration with Access Control

Configurable door interlocking logic matrix

Field up-gradable firmware